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Sale of coniferous stands at the auction at Saulieu on the 18th of November 2020: Increase of 20% on the price of douglas


Due to the current health crisis, the 2020 sale of coniferous stands at Saulieu took place at a distance via the internet platform established by the French Forest Experts. Once again, this digital tool worked perfectly well and thus allowed for regional sawmills to ensure their supplies and therewith their continued running in the coming months.


More than 20 buyers (sawmills and forest entrepreneurs) had signed up to participate at the auction.


This year, our firm presented 12 lots for sale for a combined volume of 13740 , being mainly lots of douglas from the Morvan region.


Straight from the beginning of the sale the competition between the principal buyers bore witness to tendency of the past years. On average, each lot received just over 4 offers to buy. The lot which was most sought after from the county of Celle en Morvan (71) even received  7 offers.


The dynamic conditions of the market allowed for an increase in the price of douglas of around 20%. This translates to that across all qualities and dimensions, the average price of douglas reached 79 €/m³ for autumn 2020 in contrast to 66 €/m³ in November 2019.


For all the 13740 m3 which we presented at the auction, the following table gives the details for the average price of douglas by category of volume/tree :


Average volume per tree 

Average price

0,6 m³/tree 69 €/m³
0,75 m³/tree 76 €/m³
1 to 1,5 m³/tree 82 €/m³
1,5 to 2 m³/tree 78 €/m³
2 to 2,5 m³/tree 89 €/m³


Since a few years, the regular price increases of douglas confirms the growing interest by sawmills and end users for  douglas.


What is equally of interest to note is the price of douglas for trees with a volume greater than 2m3. A lot of very beautiful douglas situated in the county of Lacour d’Arcenay (21) even found a buyer at  93 €/m³ (average volume of 2,063 m³/tree).



These good results should encourage forest owners  to prolong the rotation cycle of their douglas stands and perhaps even encourage the most motivated sylviculturists to engage in differentiation of their stands, provided that the conditions are suitable for this.



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AS – 2020 11 30


The sale of standing oaks at Aillant sur Tholon 2020 : Still a strong demand for oaks despite the health crisis.


On the 19th of October this year, the traditional annual sale of standing oaks took place in Aillant sur Tholon (89).


For the first time since its creation in 1984, this auction was too a large degree online in real time, thanks to a logistical programme, developed by our organisation of professional French Forestry Experts. This online sales platform allowed buyers (sawmills and forest entrepreneurs) to submit bids online in real time. We were thus able to have this auction while still respecting the health guidelines set out by the regional authorities of Yonne. Out of 45 buyers signed up for the auction, only 4 were present in the hall.


This year, our firm presented 23 articles for sale with a combined volume of 4670 m³, which were essentially located in the department of Yonne and departments bordering up to it.  


Although the economic circumstances could incite to caution, the buyers were very active at this auction. On average each article received more than 6 offers (in comparison, there were between 4 and 5 in 2019). The article which was most sought after, received 12 offers. It was located in the county of Villiers Saint Benoit (89).


A total of 21 articles which we presented, found buyers, representing 94 % of the volume.


This year, the average price across all dimensions and quality reached 197€/m³, which is similar to the sales in the autumn of 2019.


A closer analysis of this auction shows that the oaks with an average volume greater than 2 m³/tree obtained an average price of 202 €/m³ (compared to 207 €/m³ in 2019). Furthermore, the articles where the average volume was greater than 2.5 m³/tree achieved an average price of 233 €/m³.


An article with 63 oaks in Puisaye, with an excellent quality was sold to a sawmill in Côte d’Or for a price of 305 €/m³ (average volume was 2.778 m³/tree).


The articles of oaks, where it was a matter of improving the existing stands of oaks (thus of less quality and size) with the volume fluctuating between 1.35 and 1.6 m³/tree - found buyers with an average price of 142 €/m³. Since a few months the export trade has been relaunched and this has boosted the prices for these types of trees of more secondary quality and size.


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AS - 2020 10 30

The sale of standing oaks at Aillant sur Tholon 2019 : Price stability for quality oaks.


Like every year since 1984, the town of Aillant sur Tholon, on the 14th of October, was welcoming the annual sale of standing oaks hosted by forests experts. This forest tradition in Yonne (the department Yonne) united close to 200 people of which around 50 were forests entrepreneurs and representatives of sawmills.


This year, our firm presented 43 articles of oaks for sale with a combined volume of 10 150m³.


Once again this auction lived up to all its expectations. The majority of the articles put on the market found buyers during the event. A couple of articles did not find buyers during the event but found buyers through negotiations in the days that followed. In total 96% of the volume offered for sale was thus sold.


On average, each article of oak for sale received between 4 and five offers; this goes to show the still very important needs of the buyers. The articles of oaks which were most sought after received up to 10 offers.


The oaks of very good quality were negotiated on prices levels similar to last year, with even a light increase in price on those articles with a significant part destined for oak barrel making, a sector of the industry which is always very dynamic. Mature oaks with an average volume of more than 2 m³, were attributed an average price of 207 €/m³ and several articles of oak with an average volume of more than 2,5 m³, were sold at more than 250 €/m³. An article of oaks from Puisaye, with a remarkable quality, received the top price of the day with a sales price of 305 €/m³.


For the oaks with more modest dimensions, average volumes of less than 1,5 m³, the temporary slowdown of export to Asia, had an impact on the sales prices and the interests from usual buyers of these articles were clearly more limited. These articles of wood were negotiated at prices between 105 to 150 €/m³, depending on the characteristics of the trees and the geographical and logistical situation of the forests. The prices for oaks with diameters not exceeding 50 cm received thus a decrease of 10 to 15 % compared to the autumn of 2018, reaching the levels of 2016 or 2017.


After 7 to 8 years of constant price increases, the price of oaks have reached a certain landing with a slight step backwards for those trees of lesser dimensions. The dynamics of the industry and the rumours of a revival of the export industry in the coming months should maintain the price of oaks at a satisfactory level for forest owners.


To obtain additional information to the results of this auction of oak timber or to present an article at the next auction at Aillant sur Tholon in October 2020, please contact us by clicking here.


AS - 2019 10 30

The commercial market for French forests in 2018.


The price indicators for French forests for 2018 was published a couple of weeks ago. Here are the key points:


. During the year 2018, the average price for French forest (excluding buildings) have increased by 3.5%.

. The number of transactions over the last year progressed by 3.3% (19 080 sales).

. In 2018, the total forested area changing hands amounted to 130.100 hectares, which is less than 1% of the total forested area in France.

. The sale of forests (without buildings) greater in size than 100 hectares was limited to 70 transactions in 2018 (compared to 80 in 2017).

. The primary owners of 36 % of the total forested areas  which changed hands, were private people or private entities (such as groupement forestiers) totalling 46700 hectares in 2018.


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(AS - 2019 08 14)

Price indicators 2019 for standing timbers in private forests.


Since 2004, the Experts Forestiers de France (EFF), the Société Forestière de la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation (SFCDC) and  the Association des Sociétés et groupements Fonciers et Forestiers (ASFFOR) have published, with the support from France Bois Forêt (FBF), the price indicators for standing timbers in private forests.


The indicator for 2019 is based on results for sales of standing timbers in 2018 grouped together by the French Forestry Experts (EFF), which amounts to a volume of 1.9 million m3 of all types of timber and of quality.


In 2018, the dynamic between supply and demand allowed several observations to be made:


The demand for timber is great as close to 90% of the volume on offer found buyers.


The general price indicator for standing timber in private forests increased by  8%.


The overall progress of the indicator is supported by essentially the totality of markets.


In 2018, the price of oak continued its rise with an increase of 11.4%. The average price was established at 190 €/m³ compared to 171 €/m³ in 2017, for trees with an average volume of 1.7 m3 per tree. You can additionally find below the results for the sale of oak trees at the auction in October 2018 in d’Aillant sur Tholon .


Douglas likewise continued its increase in price (+ 4 %). In 2018, the average price was established for trees with an average volume of 1,2 m³/tree, to be 58 €/m³, compared to 56 €/m³ in 2017. Below you have access to the results from the sale of standing conifers at the auction in Saulieu in November 2018.


During the second half of 2018, the price on spruce was heavily affected by the attack of bark beetles. Thus due to the volume of spruce flooding the markets in France as well as other European markets (Belgium, German, Austrian, Polish, …), the transactions have been destabilised. No reliable listing price is currently available for this tree species.  


After a strong recovery in 2017, the poplar continued with an increase of 3% in 2018. This rise can be explained by certain constraints on this resource. A slowing down of the exploitation of poplars in Italy along with the creation of new processing units on French territory has contributed to this rise in the prices. In 2018, for all cultivar combined, the average price was established at 40 €/m³ for trees with an average volume of 1.35 m³ per tree against 38 €/m³ in 2017.

This favourable tendency is confirmed by the good results in the first half of 2019. 


To obtain additional information regarding the price of standing timber in private forests, you are welcome to send us a message by clicking here.


(AS - 2019 06 04)

Sale of standing coniferous stands at the auction at Saulieu 2018 : Increase in the price of douglas.


The last auction of coniferous timbers took place at Saulieu on the 14th of November, 2018.


Our firm presented 15 articles at the auction with a combined volume of 15 250 m³, mainly thinnings of douglas stands. All the articles for sale were sold during the event.


The different articles presented at the sale got an average of 3 bids.


Depending on the quality and the average size of the timber put on sale, the average price of douglas increased by 5 to 10% compared to 2017.


The price of the lots of douglas frequently passed €60/m³. The article n° 7 located in the county of Montsauche (58) was sold for €64/m³ (average volume per tree being 1,13 m³). Equally did article n° 10 from the county of Saint Agnan (58) find a buyer with a price of €66/m³ (average volume per tree being 1,18 m³).


An article of douglas consisting of trees with an average volume of 3 m³ was sold for €60/m³. However, these trees with a circumference of close to 180 cm, had many big size branches and are destined to be used as construction timber (carpentry and cladding).


Thinnings of douglas where the volume was inferior of 1 m³/tree were sold at prices that fluctuated from between €49/m³ (article n° 39 located in Igornay (71) – average volume of 0,45 m³/tree) and €61/m³ (article n° 38 in Lucenay l’Evêque (71) – average volume 0,95 m³/tree).


An article of spruce, which was exempt from bark beetle attack, attained a price of €52/m³ (average volume of 1,29 m³/tree).


Like with oak timber, the demand for raw materials remains high and the market continues to be dynamic and competitive between the principal buyers (sawmills and logging companies).


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(AS – 11 30 2018)

The sale of standing oaks at Aillant sur Tholon 2018 : The prices of oaks continue to rise.


On the 15th of October, the forest experts of Yonne held the annual auction of standing oaks in the community hall at Aillant sur Tholon (89). This year, 109 articles were presented with a combined volume of 30.000 m³, which is close to double the amount put on sale in the preceding years. This big interest in the auction organised by the forest experts is essentially linked to the good results that have been reached in the past years (see underneath the results of the auctions from these last years).


This year, our firm presented 42 articles with a combined total volume of 12 000 m³. All these offers found buyers during this event.


The auction of 2018 once again lived up to all the expectations. About 50 buyers (sawmills and logging companies) were present in the hall, including new companies attracted by the volume of oak put on the market as well as the fame of this auction done by forest experts.


This year, each article received on average 5 bids. The articles with the most interest even had up to 10 bids.


The average price in 2018 continued the stable yearly increase seen since 2010 of between 5-10%.


For mature oaks with an average volume of 2 m³/tree (circumference equal to or greater than 180 cm), the average price was in the order of €220/m³. It is worth noting that for trees with an average volume of 3 m³/tree, the average price of the best quality can reach €300/m³.


The lots of oaks, where it was a matter of improving the existing stands of oaks, also found buyers at interesting prices. Article n° 99, situated in the county of Nogent en Othe (10) attained the price of €122/m³ (average volume of 1,19 m³/tree). Similarly, article n° 41 located in Saint Privé (89) found a buying offer of €171/m³ (average volume of 1,305 m³/tree).


Here at the end of 2018, the market for oak timber remains dynamic and the prices continue their rise. This situation which is encouraging for forest owners, is essentially linked to the demand which is still very important from makers of oak barrels, and from exports, whether it be in whole logs or sawn timber.


To obtain additional information to the results of this  auction of oak timber or to present a lot at the next auction at Ailllant sur Tholon in October 2019, please contact us by clicking here.


  (AS – 10 31 2018)

The law addresses the evolution of the code for good forestry practices(CBPS)


The law for agricultural modernisation n° 2014-1170 of the 13th of October 2014 has modified the Forestry code.


The article L 124-2 of the Forestry Code specifies that forests smaller than 25 hectares, « are presumed to present guarantees for « sustainable management of forests where the owner adheres to the Code for Good Forestry Practices, applicable and respected for a minimum of ten years ».


On the other hand, article 69 of the agricultural modernisation law, recalls that a guarantee of a sustainable management is conditioned on the implementation of an effective program of cuts and works in the forest.


Because of this, although the texts don’t explain it clearly, in order to benefit from the guarantee of sustainable management that is needed to ensure respect of the law relating to the granting of certificates ISF and MONICHON, it is now necessary to attach a plan of cuts and works in the forest to a Code of Good Forestry Practices (CBPS). These documents are to be submitted to the opinion of the Advisory Board of the Regional branch of the National Center for Forest Properties (CRPF).


As a further note, the article 93 XIX of the agricultural modernisation law will abolish the Code of Good Forestry Practices from January the 1st 2022.


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(SC - the 30th of September 2015)

The Law N. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014.


The Law N. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014 requires that, in case of the sale of a property classified in the Land Registry as woods and forests, with an overall area less than four hectares, the community in the territory in which the property is located, has the benefit of preferential right.


The buyer is required to notify the price and conditions of the projected sale to the Mayor, by registered letter with request for acknowledgement of receipt. The Mayor has a period of two months from the date of notification to inform the seller if he (or she) wishes to exercise the preferential  right of the village to buy at the price and at the indicated conditions.


When one or several proprietors of blocks of land contiguous to the property to be sold wishes to exercise concurrently to the village the preferential right provided by Article L.331-19 of the forest code, the seller will choose freely to whom he or she will sell the property.


Sales carried out in violation of the preferential right of the community can be declared null and void.


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(SC - 20/11/2014)

Modification of the forestry code - Law No. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014.


Since the coming into force of the Pisani Law dated 1963, a programmed felling in a single approved management plan can be brought forward or delayed by five years maximum.


The Law No. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014 and  modified L312-5 of the forestry code by reducing the period to four years maximum.


Extraordinary fellings, provided in excess of and outside this four year  limit, or not listed in the programme of a single management plan, must receive the approval of the Regional Forestry Ownership Centre.

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(SC - 18/11/2014)