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Just as in the purchase of a forest, the sale of a property requires analysis and thought.
Whatever may be the reason for the sale of a forest, it is necessary to act calmly and methodically, without rushing.
An independante expert analysis of a property proposed for sale enables a detailed dossier to be made up, which deals with the characteristics of the property, (density of the reserves, volume of  building timber, operational terms, hunting rights, roads, accessibility, etc.). This rigouros property estimate generally concludes with a technical value and a commercial value of the property.

Our office is still very keen on carrying out detailed inventories, tree by tree, so as to be able to define the value of the forest taking into account the quality of building timber.

For less dense forests or immature homogenous afforestation or reforestation (young coniferous or hardwood  plantations simple brushwood, etc.), view estimates (opinion of value) or statistical inventories can be preferred to systematic inventories.

The establishment of such expert dossiers concentrates the negotiations between the seller and the buyer on the intrinsic characteristics of the property, without the possibility of getting lost in discussions which do not have any sound basis.


Some forests for sale :


We show here only forests for which we have an exclusive mandate.
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Bois Chaume Erard – Arzembouy (58)

Bois Chaume Erard – Arzembouy (58)


Block consisting of 1 ha 84 a 60 ca in the community of Arzembouy (58).
Tree by tree inventory completed in August  2014.
The population consists of mixed deciduous trees though mainly oaks and beeches with reserves in which we counted:
- 44 oaks for a volume of 88 m³
- 28 beeches for a volume of 71 m³
- 5 whitebeams for a volume of 3,275 m³
Hornbeam brushwood ready for exploitation.
Asking price : 14 500,00 € for the seller (negotiation costs charged to the seller).
Complete presentation dossier communicated on request, by clicking here.