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Expert forestier


Since its creation in 1984 by Mr Gérard SEILLIER, the office has continued to accompany forest owners in their investment projects and in the management of their forestry assets.


We are always ready to study your projects:


Founder of the office


Sébastien CHATON
Forestry expert
Member of CNEFAF*
Member of E.F.F.**

Forestry expert
Member of CNEFAF**
Member of E.F.F.**

Anders SLOTH
Forest Consultant
In charge of relations with European investors
Languages spoken: French, English, German and Danish



Anne-Marie LE GALLIC



The compulsory membership of the National Council for Land, Agricultural and Forestry Expertise (Conseil National de l’Expertise Foncière, Agricole et Forestière) guarantees the independence, the integrity and the training level of  its members..

This council is vested with disciplinary powers for arbitration of issues relating the professional ethics.

The title of forestry expert is protected by rural code. You can find the regulation of the forestry expert profession on the site :

** EFF :

Experts Forestiers de France, a professional association, in which the majority of approved forestry experts are members. It has the task of promoting and defending our trade.

E.F.F. takes care of the neutrality and the independence  of its members, necessary virtues for establishing confidence between proprietors and forestry experts.

E.F.F. organises the training of its members, an indispensable condition for the holding of the title of forestry expert.

A visit to the internet site of E.F.F.,, will give you additional information concerning the trade of forestry expert.



Activity zone


The management of a forest property can only be conceived in close proximity to the actuel forest itself.
The forests which are followed and managed by our office are basically in  the Burgundy region and its neighbouring departments (Loiret, Cher, Allier, Jura, Haute-Saône, Haute-Marne, Aube and Seine et Marne).

This activity sector, voluntarily restricted, allowed for a good knowledge of the area, the wood markets and the people involved in the forestry business.


Activity zone

Some figures to summarise:


  • Our office provides management of nearly 15,000 ha of production forest, hardwood and coniferous.
  • Our office accompanies the managers of more than 50 forest holdings or rural land holdings (at various degrees of involvement).
  • Every year, we present over 40,000  m³ of wood on the markets.
  • Since 2000, we have organised the replanting of nearly 320 ha of hardwood and conifers.
  • Since 2000, the office has managed the construction of over 50 km of forest roads.
  • Every year, we assist investors to purchase several hectares of forest.

Some figures to summarise: