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Sale of standing coniferous stands at the auction at Saulieu 2018 : Increase in the price of douglas.


The last auction of coniferous timbers took place at Saulieu on the 14th of November, 2018.


Our firm presented 15 articles at the auction with a combined volume of 15 250 m³, mainly thinnings of douglas stands. All the articles for sale were sold during the event.


The different articles presented at the sale got an average of 3 bids.


Depending on the quality and the average size of the timber put on sale, the average price of douglas increased by 5 to 10% compared to 2017.


The price of the lots of douglas frequently passed €60/m³. The article n° 7 located in the county of Montsauche (58) was sold for €64/m³ (average volume per tree being 1,13 m³). Equally did article n° 10 from the county of Saint Agnan (58) find a buyer with a price of €66/m³ (average volume per tree being 1,18 m³).


An article of douglas consisting of trees with an average volume of 3 m³ was sold for €60/m³. However, these trees with a circumference of close to 180 cm, had many big size branches and are destined to be used as construction timber (carpentry and cladding).


Thinnings of douglas where the volume was inferior of 1 m³/tree were sold at prices that fluctuated from between €49/m³ (article n° 39 located in Igornay (71) – average volume of 0,45 m³/tree) and €61/m³ (article n° 38 in Lucenay l’Evêque (71) – average volume 0,95 m³/tree).


An article of spruce, which was exempt from bark beetle attack, attained a price of €52/m³ (average volume of 1,29 m³/tree).


Like with oak timber, the demand for raw materials remains high and the market continues to be dynamic and competitive between the principal buyers (sawmills and logging companies).


To obtain additional information about this auction or if you wish to present an article for the next auction, please contact us by clicking here.


(AS – 11 30 2018)

The sale of standing oaks at Aillant sur Tholon 2018 : The prices of oaks continue to rise.


On the 15th of October, the forest experts of Yonne held the annual auction of standing oaks in the community hall at Aillant sur Tholon (89). This year, 109 articles were presented with a combined volume of 30.000 m³, which is close to double the amount put on sale in the preceding years. This big interest in the auction organised by the forest experts is essentially linked to the good results that have been reached in the past years (see underneath the results of the auctions from these last years).


This year, our firm presented 42 articles with a combined total volume of 12 000 m³. All these offers found buyers during this event.


The auction of 2018 once again lived up to all the expectations. About 50 buyers (sawmills and logging companies) were present in the hall, including new companies attracted by the volume of oak put on the market as well as the fame of this auction done by forest experts.


This year, each article received on average 5 bids. The articles with the most interest even had up to 10 bids.


The average price in 2018 continued the stable yearly increase seen since 2010 of between 5-10%.


For mature oaks with an average volume of 2 m³/tree (circumference equal to or greater than 180 cm), the average price was in the order of €220/m³. It is worth noting that for trees with an average volume of 3 m³/tree, the average price of the best quality can reach €300/m³.


The lots of oaks, where it was a matter of improving the existing stands of oaks, also found buyers at interesting prices. Article n° 99, situated in the county of Nogent en Othe (10) attained the price of €122/m³ (average volume of 1,19 m³/tree). Similarly, article n° 41 located in Saint Privé (89) found a buying offer of €171/m³ (average volume of 1,305 m³/tree).


Here at the end of 2018, the market for oak timber remains dynamic and the prices continue their rise. This situation which is encouraging for forest owners, is essentially linked to the demand which is still very important from makers of oak barrels, and from exports, whether it be in whole logs or sawn timber.


To obtain additional information to the results of this  auction of oak timber or to present a lot at the next auction at Ailllant sur Tholon in October 2019, please contact us by clicking here.


  (AS – 10 31 2018)

Sale of standing coniferous stands at the auction in Saulieu 2017 : The needs in primary sector industries remain supported.


The sale of coniferous timbers at Saulieu (21), organized by Experts Forestiers de France, took place on November 15th, 2017. This year’s meeting was of lots of timber from about 15 different forestry experts and comprised 91 articles with a combined volume across species of close to 95 000 m³.


Our firm presented 15 articles at the sale with a total volume of 15 000 m³, consisting mainly of douglas, spruce and abies alba.


Apart from one article of 290 m³ consisting of douglas and spruce on a strong slope and with bad access roads, all the articles on offer were sold. Each article on offer received on average 5 bids (compared to 4 bids on average in 2016), which bears witness to the strong interests from the buyers present in the hall and the uptick in the market for conifers at the end of 2017.


Douglas with an average volume of 0,5 m³ stabilised around 42 €/m³ and those with a volume of between  0,7 and 1 m³ found an average price of between 50 and 56 €/m³.


These prices indicate a certain price stability for douglas compared with 2016, whereas the prices of spruce had an average increase of between 5-10%. A clear felling of spruce located in the county of Montbard (21) found the price of 61 €/m³ (average volume of 0,938 m³/tree).


An article on offer consisting of Abies alba in the county of Moux en Morvan (58), was bought by a local sawmill for a price of 43 €/m³ (average volume of 0,624 m³/tree).


The atmosphere at the auction reflected the current dynamic activity in the timber industry and confirms the needs of the sawmills for quality timber products. This tendency should persist and see itself strengthened in the years to come.  It is a matter of fact that the need of the timber industry is increasing and also that the available amount of timber is limited.


To obtain additional information about this auction or if you wish to present an article for the next auction in November 2018, please contact us by clicking here


(AS - 2017 12 15)

The results of the sale of standing oak at the auction at Aillant sur Tholon (89): The demand is supported and with a new increase in the price of oak timber.


On the 23rd of October, 2017, the 34th annual auction of standing oaks took place at Aillant sur Tholon (89). This year’s event  lived up to all its promises.


Like every year, more than 200 people participated in the auction, with about 40 forest entrepreneurs and representatives from sawmills who directly were interested in the lots for sale.


Our company presented at the auction 26 lots, with a combined volume of 8 477 m³, which essentially were mature oaks with a circumference equal to or greater than 180 cm. To respond to the dynamics of the market, a couple of lots of oaks being harvested to improve the existing stands were added to the auction of mature oaks.


As for the auction, all the lots presented to the buyers were sold. Each lot received an average of 6 bids (against 5 in 2016). This strong participation is a testimony to the strong demand for primary resources in the timber industry. Several lots of oaks of high quality even received more than 10 offers of purchase.


The average price per cubic meter of the combined volume represented by our company was 200€, which amounts to an increase of 6% compared to the average price for 2016. (For the auction at Aillant sur Tholon, in 2016 the average price was 188€ per cubic meter). Close to 60% of the lots on offer reached more than 200 €/m³.


Two lots even went above 260 €/m³. It concerned quality trees, where the volume for each individual tree was greater than 2,5 m³/tree (269 €/m³ for one lot of oaks situated in the county of Saint Sauveur en Puisaye (volume per tree : 2,89 m³/tree) and 261 €/m³ for a lot of standing oaks situated in the county of Saint Loup d’Ordon (volume per tree : 2,54 m³/tree)).


As with each passing year, the important demand from the makers of oak barrels along with the decrease of big oaks on the market, leads to a favourable increase in the prices.


The interest from buyers were equally shown in lots of oaks put on sale for the improvement of the remaining stands, where the volume per tree were less than  1,5 m³/tree. Each of these lots received 3 to 4 offers. The sales price varied from 111 €/m³ for a lot situated in the county of Rogny les Sept Ecluses (average individual volume : 1,05 m³/tree) to 144 €/m³ for a lot of trees marked out in the county of Villiers Saint Benoit (average individual volume : 1,32 m³/tree). These type of lots still found buyers at satisfactory prices, which hasn’t been the case for the last decade. Exports to Asia has played a part to strengthen the appetite amongst buyers for lots of oak which often is secondary in quality. (slightly twisted trunks, knots, frost damage, curved,…).


The results from this auction is thus encouraging for forest owners. It is now important that this increase in the price of oaks, which kicked off in 2010, continues with a similar dynamic move upwards (5 to 10 % per year, on average).


To obtain additional information to the results of the auction or to present a lot at the next auction at Ailllant sur Tholon in October 2018, please contact us by clicking here.


(AS - 2017 11 15)

Indicators for 2017 of prices for standing timbers in private forests.


Since a few years, the national forestry organisation France Bois Forêt keeps an economic outlook for the price of standing timber in private forests.


Each year, the Association des Sociétés et groupements Fonciers et Forestiers (ASFFOR), Experts Forestiers de France (EFF) et la Société Forestière de la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation (SFCDC) establishes together a price indicator for the sale of standing timber in private forests, with a general index and also indexes that represent the main tree species and commercial timber products.


The analyzed data originate from sales grouped together of standing timber sales organized by French Forests Experts (EFF). In total it concerns about 50 sales auctions distributed throughout the French territory, which were proposed according to transparent market conditions with the same specifications, handling cost, terms and conditions. In 2016 close to 1,9 million m³ of wood were in this manner offered for sale to forest entrepreneurs, sawmills and primary forest industries.


In general, the market in 2016 was dynamic as 8 3% of the volume on offer found buyers. The general index of standing timber in private forests increased by 3 % in comparison to 2015. This continues the tendency which started in 2013 and which with the exception of 2007 now is at its highest level since 2004 (See the opposite graph). This increase in the general index is strongly influenced by oak and douglas.


The average price for oak was found at 151 €/m³ compared to 135 €/m³ in 2015, amounting to an increase of 12 %. All the various qualities of oak timber benefited from this increase due to a supportive market for all potential usage of this tree species: construction, carpentry, flooring, renovation, railway sleepers, cooperage…Exports, particularly to Asia, also contributed to this net increase in the price of oak


After stagnation in 2015, the price of douglas saw an increase of 7 % in 2016. The average price thus reached 56 €/m³ for trees with an average volume of 1,2 m³ compared with 52 €/m³ in 2015. The industrial demand for douglas where the average volume is between 0,5 and 1,5 m³ remains very strong. In addition, due to a lack of sufficient sales demand at the moment, the price of big douglas is stagnating, in particular when it concerns timber of secondary quality. This observation argues again for the production of quality douglas trees with pruning from a young age. As a matter of fact, then for export, it is possible to negociate a price for standing douglas of the best quality for more than 100 €/m³.


The decrease in the price of spruce, seen since 2014 appears to be stabilising. The price decreased 3 % in 2016 compared to respectively 8 % and 21 % in 2015 and 2014. In 2016 the average price settled at 47 €/m3 for trees with an average volume of 0,9 m³ compared to 48 €/m³ in 2015.


To obtain specific information for the region of Bourgogne, you can see below the results of the auction of oaks in Aillant sur Tholon in October 2016 and the sale of coniferous trees in Saulieu (21) in November 2016.


After a renewed interest in 2015 for beech trees (46 % increase in the period 2013 - 2015), the average price decreased 6 % in 2016 to 45 €/m³. A closeness to the veneer factories (there are only three in France) and the purity of the lots (absence of other species sold in the same lot) appear to also add a little extra value.


In 2016, the price of scots pine took off with an increase of 9 % and reached close to 30 €/m³ for trees with an average volume of 0,8 m3. Similarly, pinus laricios were traded in the area of about 30 €/m³.


Despite an increase in demand, the price of poplars decreased again with 4 % to stabilise around 32 €/m³. The interests of buyers continue to support this price level for veneer quality, whereas poplars for the sawmills and the wood industry (the tops of poplars) find it difficult to find buyers. It is therefore appropriate to continue with the efforts of forestry practices and in particular to foster the shape of the trees and to prune them at a young age. The price of poplars equally fluctuates dependent on the proveniens put up for sale. The interamerican proveniens (beaupré, unal, raspalje, boélare)  are traded at between 30 and 35 €/m³ whereas the I 214 can reach 45 to 48 €/m³ for the best qualities. It is to be hoped that the strain on the resource will favour better prices for poplars in the coming years.


Lastly, there was a steep decrease in 2016 for the price of industrial wood and biomass wood (-33%)  as a consequence of successive mild winters, large stocks by the industries, the exceptional low prices for oil and gas and the low world market prices for wood pulp. This tendency appears to continue in the beginning of 2017.


The prices disclosed fluctuate depending on the regions and of course the quality of the timbers. It concerns the bigger averages on a national level which it is worth considering with precaution and discernment. It is best to observe the trends of the price market for the standing timbers as they reflect the real tendencies in the markets.


To obtain additional information regarding the price of standing timber in private forests, you are welcome to send us a message by clicking here.


(AS – 2017 06 19)

Sources : France Bois Forêt and Experts Forestiers de France.

Results of the auction of standing coniferous stands at Saulieu 2016: Underlying demand for timber remains and stability of prices


The annual sale of standing coniferous trees was held as it has become custom, at Saulieu (21) the 16th of November 2016.


Of the 66 000 m³ of wood for sale at the auction, our firm presented 17 lots with a combined volume of 17 550 m³. These lots were essentially thinning’s of Douglas, spruces and forest pines.


Apart from one lot, where access was difficult, all the lots found buyers.  Just like last year, the demand from buyers stays important. On average, each lot received four bids.


An in-depth analysis of the bids received, bear witness to a certain price stability.


 The thinning’s of Douglas, found the average price to be between 52 and 63 €/m³ for trees with an average volume of between 1 to 2,5 m³ per tree. The difference in the prices is explained primarily by the quality of the trees, particularly to the fineness of the branches and the limitations placed on the exploitation of the lots (distance to transport the exploited timber, the presence of forest roads and an area for depositing the wood within the forest).


Contrary to Douglas, the average volume per tree of spruce translated directly to their achieved sales price. A thinning of spruce, with an average volume of 0,56  m³/tree was sold for 43 €/m³, whereas a lot of spruce of a similar quality with an average volume of 0,92 m³/tree found a buyer at 51 € /m³. These two lots, with easy access, present no problems for the exploitation.


Lastly, a thinning of Scots pines, situated at Mézilles in l’Yonne, found the price of 28 €/m³ (average volume of 0,55 m³/tree).


In general, one sees that the tendency from the past years is confirmed : difficulties in regard to exploitation and an absence of a good infrastructure impact in a negative way the sales price regardless of the type of tree.


If you wish for additional information regarding this auction of standing coniferous trees, you can leave us a message by clicking here. You can likewise contact us if you wish to present a lot of timber at the next auction in November 2017.


(AS - 2016 12 02)

The results of the auction of standing oak trees at Aillant sur Tholon on October 10th 2016.


After six years of progressive increases in the price of oaks, the auction for 2016 of standing oak trees at Aillant sur Tholon was much anticipated, both by forest owners as well as by the managers of sawmills. One more time, this auction lived up to all its promises.


All the lots represented by our company amounting to a total of 5 770 m³ were sold. The number of bids per lot, 5 on average, is a testimony to the interest of buyers of  this timber and the quality of the timber offered.


This year, the average price achieved was 188 €/m³, which is an increase of 10% compared to 2015, which was already an exceptional year where the average price for oaks reached 171 €/m³.


Scroll down to see the reports of the sales at Aillant sur Tholon in 2014 and 2015.


For comparison, in 2007, a year of reference for the forests managers, the average price of oaks, at the auction in Aillant sur Tholon, was 173 €/m³.


This year, several items managed to come up with some nice surprises by attaining exceptional amounts. Lot n° 9, situated in Fontaines (89), reached a price of 269 €/m³ (average volume of 2,88 m³/tree) and lot n° 52, marked in the county of Selle en Hermois (45), was sold for 242 €/m³ (average volume of 2,73  m³/tree).


Even if the trees of average quality in the lots done to improve the quality of the remaining stands, found buyers at interesting prices, essentially thanks to exports towards Asia and India, one still notices a particular interests attributed to mature oaks with a circumference equal to or greater than 180 cm,  amounting to an average volume greater than 2,2 m³ per tree. The dynamic market for oak barrels continue to support the price of these quality  oaks.


Despite the general satisfaction by forest owners, it serves to remain cautious in regard to expectations of the price development of oak. As it is, the market finds itself in a fragile economic situation and under a general unstable financial enviromnent. In order to continue to achieve elevated prices for oaks, it is essential to follow through on sylvicultural practices, to produce quality timber and to continue to present the market with oaks of big dimensions (with a circumference equal to or greater than 180 cm).


If you wish to gain access to additional information regarding this auction or wish to present a lot for the next auction in 2017, then you can leave us a message by clicking here


(AS - 10/13/2016)

Indicators 2016 for the market of french forests


At the end of May, like every year, FNSAFER and SFCDC together published the indicators 2016 for the forest market. The figures are based on an analysis of actual forest sales in 2015 on French territory.


Despite an increase of 6.4% in the overall sales, the transfers of forested areas larger than 100 hectares have decreased by 8%. Only 110 sales of forests larger than 100 hectares were recorded in 2015. The smaller forests which have shown a sharp increase are essentially small plots with less than 10 hectares. The downturn in the sale of large forests is explained by the desire by owners to retain tangible assets which have been regarded as safe heavens for the last 10 years.


In 2015, after four years of relative stability, the price of French forests increased by 2.8%. According to the specialists at FNSAFER and at SFCDC, this tendency towards higher prices should be confirmed in the coming years.


An analysis of the figures of the last 20 years show an increase of close to 50% for the price of French forests since 1996 (in euros terms). In addition to this significant increase in the market value of forests, investors benefit from the natural growth of trees and the increase in the price of wood, which varies according to species. (Cf. Accounts of the timber sales in autumn below).


This interest in forests is explained partially by an uncertain economic environment, which encourages investors to look at more tangible asset classes. The interest by investors in French forests is also due to the fact that the average prices of forests in the neighbouring countries (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland,…) are considerably higher and equally the lack of opportunities to acquire forests of a considerable size in those countries.


It should be noted that agricultural land and vineyards have experienced a similar attraction due to similar reasons.


To obtain additional information on these analysis, please contact us by clicking here.


(AS - 05/31/2016)

The use of drones to the benefit of forest owners.


Since more than a year, our firm has studied the possibility of using drones, so as to increase the data used in our expert evaluations and our management of forests.


The first test flights which took place in 2015 brought a new look at the forest and made it possible to distinguish details that had previously been hard to perceive, such as the number of douglas present in a young 5-10 years old forest stand, or the separation of the different species in a hardwood forest.


The results so far, are encouraging us to continue our experimentation in 2016. A new set of test flights will take place this month (March 2016), if the weather conditions are favourable for the collection of data.


The analysis of such images will continue to improve our understanding of this new tool in the service of forest management. We will regularly update our experiences and observations in connection with the use of drones.


You can find examples of images taken from drones on the facebook page of our firm:


If you wish to discuss more regarding this subject, you are welcome to leave us a message by clicking here.


(AS – 29/02/2016)


Results of the auction of standing coniferous trees at Saulieu (21) on the 18th of November 2015


The 18th of November 2015, the town of Saulieu was host to the annual sale by forestry experts of standing coniferous trees.


15 lots of trees from forest owners whom we advise, representing a total volume of 12,600 m³ was up for sale. These lots of wood which were mainly from the Morvan region, were composed of douglas, spruce, Austrian pine, pinus laricius and Scots pine.


In general, though we expected a sligth drop, the prices achieved at the sale stayed at the level of 2014.


The lots of douglas, where the volume per tree varied from 2 m³  to 2,7 m³, were sold at between 53 and 58 €/m³. For the best quality and where the trees had been pruned up to a height of 6 to 7 meters, the prices even breached 60 €/m³. A thinning of 47 years old douglas from the county of La Celle en Morvan (71), achieved the price of 62 €/m³ (1,858 m³/tree).


Thinnings of douglas, where the volume per tree ranged from between 0,6 m³ and 0,75 m³ were sold for between 42 and 48 €/m³.


The lots of spruce found buyers at an average price of between 41 €/m³ and 46 €/m³, for trees where the volume per tree ranged from an estimated 0,405 m³ and 0,835 m³.


Finally, the lot comprising the mixture of Austrian pine, Scots pine and pinus laricos, which were marked out in the county of Aisy sur Armançon (89), found a price of 29 €/m³ (1,034 m³/tree).


The results of this auction gives us confidence in our advice regarding the management of douglas and the keeping of them to at least 45 plus years of age. In truth, the douglas, where the volume is greater than 2,5 m³, continue to find very good prices, under the condition that they are of good quality and the trunks pruned.


If the logistics in a forest is in a good condition (forest roads and loading areas) it also increases the interest from the buyers for those lots and allows for better prices at the auction.


If you wish for additional information regarding this auction of standing coniferous trees, you can leave us a message by clicking here

(AS - 12/01/2015)

The results of the auction of standing oak trees at Aillant sur Tholon on October 12th 2015


Monday the 12th of October, the 2015 meeting of the annual auction sale of standing oak trees was held at Aillant sur Tholon (89). Our company was represented with 32 lots for a combined volume of close to 8 200 m³.


Like every year, around 40 representatives from sawmills and a few forest entrepreneurs participated at the meeting.


Favourable economic conditions in the market place for mature oak trees of good quality meant that each lot attracted on average 5 bids. The most sought after lots attracted up to 10 bidding buyers.


At the meeting, 30 lots representing 92,5 % of the volume found buyers. The average price this year exceeded 170 €/m³, across the range. One notices an increase in the price of oak of about 11% compared to autumn 2014. Last year the average price achieved was 154 €/m³.


Several items of nice quality went well beyond 200 €/m³. One lot of oak, from the region of Cudot (89), achieved the price of 237 €/m³ (Average volume : 2,2 m³/tree).


Our company aims to put on the market mature oaks with a circumference of a minimum of 180 cm. This continues to prove to be of benefit to the forest owners, whom we advise. However, although the economic conditions appear very favourable for the sale of mature quality oaks, it is important to remain cautious about the future. The next meeting of the auction sale of oaks at Aillant sur Tholon is scheduled to take place in October 2016, which will perhaps confirm this regular increase in the price of oaks (5 to 10 % per year), which forest owners have profited from since the autumn of 2010.


If you wish to gain access to additional information regarding this auction, you can leave us a message by clicking here


(AS - 10/14/2015)

The law addresses the evolution of the code for good forestry practices(CBPS)


The law for agricultural modernisation n° 2014-1170 of the 13th of October 2014 has modified the Forestry code.


The article L 124-2 of the Forestry Code specifies that forests smaller than 25 hectares, « are presumed to present guarantees for « sustainable management of forests where the owner adheres to the Code for Good Forestry Practices, applicable and respected for a minimum of ten years ».


On the other hand, article 69 of the agricultural modernisation law, recalls that a guarantee of a sustainable management is conditioned on the implementation of an effective program of cuts and works in the forest.


Because of this, although the texts don’t explain it clearly, in order to benefit from the guarantee of sustainable management that is needed to ensure respect of the law relating to the granting of certificates ISF and MONICHON, it is now necessary to attach a plan of cuts and works in the forest to a Code of Good Forestry Practices (CBPS). These documents are to be submitted to the opinion of the Advisory Board of the Regional branch of the National Center for Forest Properties (CRPF).


As a further note, the article 93 XIX of the agricultural modernisation law will abolish the Code of Good Forestry Practices from January the 1st 2022.


For further information or for a study of particular cases, you are welcome to send us a message by clicking here.

(SC - the 30th of September 2015)

The Law N. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014.


The Law N. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014 requires that, in case of the sale of a property classified in the Land Registry as woods and forests, with an overall area less than four hectares, the community in the territory in which the property is located, has the benefit of preferential right.


The buyer is required to notify the price and conditions of the projected sale to the Mayor, by registered letter with request for acknowledgement of receipt. The Mayor has a period of two months from the date of notification to inform the seller if he (or she) wishes to exercise the preferential  right of the village to buy at the price and at the indicated conditions.


When one or several proprietors of blocks of land contiguous to the property to be sold wishes to exercise concurrently to the village the preferential right provided by Article L.331-19 of the forest code, the seller will choose freely to whom he or she will sell the property.


Sales carried out in violation of the preferential right of the community can be declared null and void.


Click here to request any supplementary information concerning the operation of this new regulation.


(SC - 20/11/2014)

Modification of the forestry code - Law No. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014.


Since the coming into force of the Pisani Law dated 1963, a programmed felling in a single approved management plan can be brought forward or delayed by five years maximum.


The Law No. 2014-1170 dated 13 October 2014 and  modified L312-5 of the forestry code by reducing the period to four years maximum.


Extraordinary fellings, provided in excess of and outside this four year  limit, or not listed in the programme of a single management plan, must receive the approval of the Regional Forestry Ownership Centre.

You can click here to request any supplementary information.

(SC - 18/11/2014)

Sale of coniferous wood felling at Saulieu - 12 November 2014


On the 12th of November, our office participated, as every year, with the sale of fellings of conifer wood at Saulieu (21). The 2014 vintage brought together 65 lot numbers for a total volume of close to 51 500 m³.


Over thirty buyers were present (saw-mills and forest operators) in the room. The session took place in a calm and studious atmosphere.


Our office presented 17 lots for an overall volume of 16 300 m³. These lots of wood consisted basically of thinnings of douglas, spruce, larches, black pines and Scots pines.


Several lots of good quality douglas, the unit volume of which varied between 1.2 and 1.9 m³ per tree, were sold at between 53 and 56 €/m³.


Thinnings of douglas, where the unit volume of the trees were estimated between 0.6 and 0.95 m³, found buyers at between 37 and 47 €/m³.

As in last year, spruces were well received. A lot of 929 m³ (0.788 m³/tree), located in the village of Montsauche (58), was sold at 48 €/m³. One mixed spruce - douglas felling (0.946 m³/tree) was sold at a price of 44 €/m³ and another mixed lot of spruce - larch (0.786 m³/tree), located in Haute-Saône, was sold at 47 €/m³.


Finally, two thinnings of black pines and Scots pines, where the unit volume of the trees was 0.889 m³ and 1.053 m³, were sold at their respective prices of 27 and 28 €/m³. 


All the lots presented by our office found buyers, with prices equivalent to previous years.


The next Saulieu sales will take place in November 2015.


You can contact us now to propose your lots of conifer wood by clicking here.


Sale of felled hardwood at Aillant sur Tholon - 13 October 2014


On the 13th of October, the thirtieth sale of felled hardwood took place at Aillant sur Tholon (89).


Over the years, this private sale of felled wood has specialized into the sale of quality matured trees.


The 2014 auction book brought together 62 fellings for an overall volume close to 13,599 m³, mainly lots of oaks located in the Yonne and the surrounding departments.


As every year, the room was full to the limit. The buyers (about forty saw-mils and forest operators) came from as far afield as 200 km away to be present at this session.


Our office proposed 33 fellings for a total volume of close to 8,250 m³. Here again, this sale did not fail its reputation.


On all the lots presented, the average price of the oaks reached 154 €/m³, including all grade of quality.

The most coveted oak fellings frequently exceeded the price of 180 €/m³, for trees whose averaged a volume of around of 2.5 m³. One lot of exceptional oaks (2.7 m³/tree), felled in the region of Cudot (89), even reached the price of 232 €/m³.

One should also note the price of 101,50 €/m³ obtained for a lot of high quality  oaks (1,8 m³/tree).

Despite the withdrawal of a few improvement fellings which did not find a buyer at a discounted price, our office sold over 91 % of the volume presented in the auction book.


The next sale of wood fellings at Aillant sur Tholon will take place in October 2015.


You can propose your lots now by writing to us using the contact form, and clicking here.